Exit Seating Passenger Information Card

In accord with the CAA regulations and assure the cabin safety, passengers sit on the exit row seats shall be qualified for the following conditions:

1.         Have enough physical strength, activity and mobility in both arms/hands and legs is capable of

           opening the emergency exit and helping other passengers to complete the preparation of acuation.

2.         Above 15 years old.

3.         Perform the duty given by the airlines without assistance.

4.         Understand all safety information related to emergency evacuation given by the airlines or oral  

            instruction given by the cabin crew.

5.         Have sufficient visual capacity to perform the duty given by the airlines.

6.         Have sufficient aural capacity to perform the duty given by the airlines.

7.         Be able to deliver the message to other passengers appropriately.

8.         No need to take care of infant/child or company.

9.         Will not get injured when performing the duty given by the airlines.


If you take the seat next to the exit, when hearing the instruction of “Evacuate, Evacuate”,you will be asked to perform the following duties in case of emergency evacuation.

1.         Be seated in emergency exit row.

2.         Be able to recognize the emergency exit opening mechanism; understand the opening instruction

           and execute the opening operation.

3.         Be able to help passengers to complete the evacuation preparation, follow the cabin crew’s oral

            directions and hand signals in case of emergency.

4.         If the cabin crew can not assist you in case of emergency, confirm the safety of outside of the

            aircraft (no fire / smoke) and open the exit immediately.

5.         Confirm the well function of the exit and slide and assist passengers to evacuate immediately.

            Otherwise, direct passengers to evacuate from other proper exits.

6.         Evaluate and select a safe evacuation path to stay away from the aircraft immediately.


If you take the seat next to the exit, please do not place your carry-on baggage and personal belongs under the seat in front of you. Seats next to the exit or in front of the exit row cannot be leaned.

After you understand the duty of taking a seat next to the exit, if you cannot provide the above assistance due to no intention or latent health reasons; or would like to take other seat which can be leaned, please inform our ground staff or cabin crew, we will change the seat for you.

Your compliance with the regulations and assistance to cabin safety will be highly appreciated.