Huafu Recreation, as one of subsidiaries of FAT Group and the core business is recreational activities development which including sports, exhibitions, concerts, artists and event arrangement. It has been to hold Penghu Road Running Activity in 2015 and 2016 which became the target of outlying island road running activities.



The business of HuaYiLeasing & Finance includes international trading, aviation, land transactions, real estate and chattels transactions, financial products, materials development, investment and trading, leasing and management of properties.
Currently there are several aircrafts under rental in using.



The main project of huapeng development is establishment of Penghu Chong-Guang Resort, a five star hotel with chapel on the water and all related development for its cultural and creative industries. This resort will grand opening and cooperate with Penghu Country Government hold The Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) annual conference in 2018.



Huacheng development main project is all related ROT development and management for Kaohsiung Labor Recreation Center – ChengCing Hall and convention and exhibition centre. It will be re-planning, renovation, activation and turn to a new structure in the nearly future.



HanFeng Asset Management is responsible for the operation and management of HuaShe Hotel chain.
The hotel is designed with succinct and simply style to provide remarkable and high quality in the accommodation surroundings for business travelers or independent visitors. HuaShe Hotel holds the spirit of sincere, well-caring, consideration and intention services to communicate with various chain hotels in the country.





Celebrity Tours is charge of domestic, international, cross-strait travel businesses which is playing an important role in the Group tourism promotion. Combining with the Group’s aviation and hotel business to became the one of important character of regional tourism group in Asia.