Group Info


Huafu Group is from Huafu Land Development which is established in September 1st, 1990 by the Group founder and chairman, Mr. Chang, Kang-Wei with participated in the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s BOT cases to develop its foundation basis. Since 2006, it has been gradually fought into the field of entertainment, high-technical, cultural and creative industries and public welfare services also founded the creation of transnational business and aviation industry investment in 2009.


Huafu Group is based on its construction and development background and extends its business scale to the field of entertainment, aviation, tourism and hotel industries. In addition, one of subsidiaries of Far Eastern Air Transport, Corp. also created a historic achievement which became the first civil company and experienced the financial reorganization progress in Taiwan. After Chairman Chang’s greatest leadership and hard efforts to accomplish the reorganization mission, Far Eastern Air Transport, Corp. was successfully approved by the court and completed the restricting process in October 2015 and set up the benchmark in Taiwan aviation industry.


To create it owned brand and coordination with the extension of aviation industry, Huafu Group has formally cooperated with local authorities in BOT cases and developed the HuaShe Hotel chain business to provide the customers from Far Eastern Air Transport, Corp. a good value and well worth experience in accommodation services.


Through years of hard working, the Group is an empire consisting of aviation, hotel, tourism, entertainment and other related industries is highly approved by all sectors of the society. To build sustainable competitive edge to became the expert in Asian Regional Tourism Group with excellent professional service abilities in reliable and convenience flight services, hospitality accommodation services and exquisite cultural and tourism experience.


The founder of Huafu Group, Mr. Chang, Kang-Wei is committed the target of company responsibility as “take from society and give back to society”. Through long-term involved in various public welfare activities including the sponsor of disadvantaged groups, education awards and provide flight tickets allowance to residents of outlying islands. On the other hand, he also concerning about the potential development in Penghu and via sponsoring local baseball games, Marathon activities, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families of Penghu and Penghu International Firework Festival to realize and became an entrepreneur who would like to contribute the society.